Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 - Spanish Fiesta!

Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 - Spanish Fiesta!

This is one in a series of re-posts from past travels and events with Culinary Collective team members and vendors. Culinary Collective travels the world to find the very best gourmet traditional foods, supporting small producers who have strong ties to their lands and their communities. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as the ultimate destination – delicious food!

In celebration of our 15th anniversary we hosted a party for all of our vendors and customers during the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. There was an abundance of delicious foods from stuffed piquillo peppers with bonito tuna to traditional Valencian Paella. No party is complete without good music and we were lucky to have David Galvez delight us with classical Spanish guitar tunes. It was truly a fun Spanish Fiesta! Thank you to all of our customers and vendors who came together in one space to share their love of great food.

Daniel from Aneto stole the show along with Ana (not pictured here) with the incredible paellas made with Aneto Broths and Paella Bases. The big hit of the night was the Arroz Negro made with Aneto’s Squid Ink Paella Base and shrimp.

The always gleeful Marc from Blanxart Chocolates delighted party goers with traditional Spanish hot chocolate. Even Daniel from Aneto took a break from making paella to feed his sweet tooth.

We were lucky to have Laura from Arroyabe join us at the party. Arroyabe is a small progressive family-run business that works with local fishermen from the Basque Coast, and factory the workers collectively set their wages! We are very proud to work with such an incredible company. We used the Arroyabe Bonito Tuna to make stuffed piquillo peppers with tuna and capers.

Cristina from Arvum and Maria from Castillo de Canena showed us some creative uses for vinegar and oil. Cristina drizzled the balsamic cream over strawberries and Maria paired arbequina olive oil over tortas with shaved chocolate.

Miguel (not pictured here) and Martina sampled out the always-delicious Matiz Chestnuts. Chestnuts have been grown in Galicia since Roman times and Miguel and his family have worked hard to preserve this tradition by purchasing from small family growers.

No Spanish party is complete without olives. Luckily, we had Luis from Dequmana olives. Luis’s family has produced olives for generations with a commitment to preserving traditional and harder to find varieties of olives.

A special thank you to Blue Marble for providing a refreshing treat on a typical NYC summer night. The Marcona ice cream was to-die-for and the use of Arrope as a topping was eye opening!

For 15 years we have proudly served as one of the founding B Corps. B Corps look beyond the simple bottom line and are creatively looking for ways to create sustainable growth while nurturing human capital and respecting our environment. If you would like to learn more about B Corps check out David Brooks recent New York Times piece.

Photography by Andrea Pataro –

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