Rey de la Vera

Rey de la Vera Spicy Smoked Paprika-Spicy Pimentón

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Smoked paprika from Spain, made with smoked and dried red peppers


Pimenton made from a mixture of Guindilla Peppers for their heat and the Jarandilla pepper ( a long pepper with an intense red color indigenous to the Vera region.) to soften the bite.


Retail 2.6 oz.
Units Per Case: 48
Case Dimensions: 12.05x5.4x3.45 in.
Unit Dimensions: 2.625x1.875x3.25 in.
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Food Service 1.6 lbs.
Units Per Case: 10
Case Dimensions: 15.25x11.5x8 in.
Unit Dimensions: 4.38x3.63x6.38 in.
Case Weight: 22 lbs.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -